1. A national identity card issued to an individual shall be used for the following transactions where identification is required:

  • application for and issuance of a passport; (Ghanaians only)
  • application for and issuance of a driver’s licence;
  • opening of individual or personal bank accounts;
  • purchase of insurance policies;
  • purchase, transfer and registration of land by an individual or a connected transaction subject to the provisions of other enactments;
  • transactions pertaining to individuals in respect of pensions;
  • transactions specified under the National Health Insurance Scheme; (Ghanaians only) h) transactions that have social security implications;
  • consumer credit transactions; j) registration of voters; (Ghanaians only) k) payment of taxes; l) registration of SIM cards;
  • applications for public or Government services, facilities, approvals, permissions, or benefits; and n) any other transaction which the Authority may determine and publish in the Gazette.

2. Any organisation that offers any of the services in respect of transactions listed under sub-regulation

  • Shall demand the presentation of a National Identity Card from the individual concerned before providing the relevant service to the individual.

Note: Sub-sections (a), (g) and (j) are not applicable to eligible foreign nationals.

No Registration, No Service

Any organisation that offers services to foreign nationals shall demand the presentation of a Non-citizen Ghanacard from the individual concerned before providing the relevant service.

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