Benefits of the Non-citizen Ghanacard to the individual include:

  • It will be harder for someone to fraudulently obtain another’s identity.
  • It will facilitate the issuance and renewal of a driver’s licence and the processing of requests for the validation of international driver’s licence.
  • It will strengthen foreign missions in Ghana to provide necessary services to resident foreign nationals in Ghana. Foreign nationals living in Ghana can expect special treatment when they can prove their nationality by producing their Non-citizen Ghanacard.
  • The Non-citizen Ghanacard will easily help to establish the identities of non-Ghanaians resident in the country in difficult and emergency situations.
  • The ability of diplomatic missions to protect their nationals in Ghana will be considerably enhanced as FIMS can provide them with incontrovertible or verifiable information in a timely fashion.
  • Identity Cards would be a way for young people to prove their age.
  • Personal data can be read automatically in usages that require the holder to provide an identity evidence and authentication.
  • All foreign nationals in Ghana are encouraged to register for their Non-citizen Ghanacard. FIMS is to their benefit.

Benefits of the Non-citizen Ghanacard to the Government of Ghana include

  • Producing credible electronic National Identity Register that shall contain the personal information of foreign nationals resident in Ghana to enable the Government to plan for all persons living in the country;
  • Issuing foreign nationals with a Non-citizen Ghanacard for the purpose of identity authentication;
  • Facilitating access to services which require identity verification as defined in the National Identity Register Regulations 2012, L. I. 2111 (refer to Regulation 7);
  • Appropriately planning for services to cater for the needs of foreign nationals;
  • Improvements in national and border security; and
  • Helping Government to protect the rights of foreign nationals as required by international obligations/treaties to which Ghana is a signatory

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