Biometrics is the measurement and statistical analysis of people’s physical and behavioral characteristics.The technology is mainly used for identification and access control, or for identifying


How to make an Internet of Intelligent Things work for Africa

The Internet of Things is a network of physical devices, vehicles, buildings and other items. They are equipped with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity so they can collect and exchange data.


Mobile Biometrics: past, present, and future

Biometrics aren’t necessarily the first thing the average person thinks of when they think of the word “security”


And when it comes to protecting ourselves through passwords, most people will set a pet’s name as a password and add a 123 at the end, and for the average Joe, that’s all that’s perceived as being necessary. (more…)

81,000 informal sector workers Pension scheme

Pension For All Scheme launched for members of the informal workers association.

About 81,000 members of the Union of Informal Workers Association (UNIWA) will now be able to make regular contributions to secure their future under the ‘Pension for All’ scheme. (more…)

Renewal Information

Renewal Information of the F.I.M.S  scratch card

If your card has expired for more than a year, you are required to buy renewal scratch cards equivalent to the number of years beyond expiry. (more…)

Non-citizen Registration Scratch Cards


In January 2013, the National Identification Authority (NIA) began an exercise to register all foreign nationals living in Ghana. Foreign nationals who arrive in Ghana for a period of 90  days cumulatively in any given year or those who are already living in the country should go to the permanent registration centres to register for their Non-citizen Ghanacard.


Registration process

To register you must first purchase a FIMS scratch card from any CAL Bank Branch across the country during normal banking hours. The cost of the scratch card is $120.00. (more…)

Banks in Ghana charges on mortgage loans

The majority of home owners in Ghana over the years have had to grapple with the growing cost of interest charged by banks on home loans. (more…)

What You Stand For – Core Values

Some core values an individual needs to stand for personally. (more…)

What Is the Non-Citizen Ghanacard?

The Non-citizen Ghanacard is the national identity card for foreign nationals living… (more…)

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