What is F.I.M.S?

To discharge the legal mandate of registering all permanently resident foreign nationals, the NIA has developed a separate process of registering foreigners which it designates the Foreigners Identification Management System (FIMS).

How does one register?

A scratch card must first be bought from any Cal Bank branch nationwide and this purchase triggers the registration processwhere applicant completes registration form, personal information and biometrics (fingerprints and photograph) are then taken. Applicant is then instantly issued a Non-citizen card which signifies the completion of the registration process.

Is there a cost to registering for the Non-citizen Ghana card?

Is there a cost to registering for the Non-citizen Ghana card?

Where can I register?

– National Identification Authority (NIA) head office, behind Gulf House, Shiashie
– VFS Global, Plot No 29, No 9 Kakramadu Road, East Cantonments
– Cal bank Head Office Annex, Nyaniba Estate Osu, Ridge
– Cal bank, Tema Industrial Area branch
– Cal bank, Takoradi Harbour branch
– Cal bank, Nhyiaeso branch, Kumasi

What are the documentary requirements?

Passport / residence permit / international driver’s license

Does everyone need to register?

Any foreigner who meets the eligibility criteria needs to register;

  • A foreign national permanently resident in the country
  • A foreign national who is cumulatively resident in the country for at least ninety (90) days in any calendar year
  • All foreigners six years and above

The following foreign nationals are exempted;

  • a diplomat
  • employees of the United Nations or an agency of the United Nations
  • the spouse or dependent of persons specified above

Why the need for the Non-citizen Ghana card?

It enables the government to create a database of all individuals in the country in order to ensure good planning,good governance, E-government services and the security and the integrity of the country

Why should l register?

Under the L.I. 2111 (2012), Act 750, it is mandatory for all Non-Citizens to register

What can the card be used for?

The Non-citizen Ghana card is mandatory for various transactional purposes where a form of identification is needed e.g.; opening and running a bank account, applying for or renewing residence or work permit, registering a car etc.

How secure is applicant’s personal information?

Under the Privacy Act and the Data protection Act, security of personal data is prescribed and secured.

What is the validity of the Non-citizen card?

Card is valid for a year and can be renewed at a cost of USD 60.00 each year after first issuance.

How long does it take to get a card?

Card is instantly issued once registration process is completed.

Are ther any sanctions when an eligible foreigner does not register?

Sanctions of penalty points are prescribed under NIA laws and legislative instrument.

Is there a deadline for registering?

Registration of foreigners for the Non-citizen Ghana card is an on-going process. However, a deadline will be issued soon by which time access to all services will be subject to a Non-citizen Ghana card being presented by the holder as a condition precedent to accessing all services in Ghana.

Does the Non-citizen Ghana Card replace the residence or work or student permits?

No, it does not. It is a primary identification card to get a work permit or residence permit. Holders of all permits beyond 90 days cumulatively in any calendar year will have to produce their Non- Citizen card

Can Money be refunded if scratch card is purchased but not used?


What happens should my Non-citizen Ghana card get stolen or misplaced?

A new scratch card needs to be purchased then Non-citizen Ghana card will be issued

Do refugees need to register as well?

Once one holds a valid UNHCR card, there is no need to register for the Non-citizen Ghana card

As a dual citizen, do l need to register for the Non-citizen Ghana card?

Currently, dual citizens do not register for the Non-citizen Ghana card. There will be a separate card for dual citizens to be issued soon.

As a foreigner who has registered to become a citizen of Ghana, do l still need to register for the Non-citizen Ghana card?

No, a citizen of Ghana has to register for the citizen Ghana card being issued by National Identification Authority (NIA)

Does the Non-citizen Ghana card replace the residence permit?

No it doesn’t. The Non-citizen Ghana card is the mandatory form of biometric identification for foreigners while the residence permit gives a foreigner the authority to continue to live in Ghana once visa has expired.

Do students also need to register for the Non-citizen Ghana card?

Once a student meets the eligibility criteria, he/she has to register for the Non-citizen Ghana card.

Is there a discount for students?

No there isn’t. The scratch card sells at a fixed, non-reducible price of USD 120.00 or its cedi equivalent.

Since the Non-citizen Ghana card is going to be used for all types of transactions, what would then happen to people who already have resident permit and banking account?

Resident permit holders and applicants with bank account who are stay in the country for more than 90 days are to register for the Noncitizen Ghana card.

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