What Is the Non-Citizen Ghanacard?

The Non-citizen Ghanacard is the national identity card for foreign nationals living…
in Ghana for a total of 90 days or more are required by law to register for their Non-citizen Ghanacard now.

The Non Citizen Card shall be used for all transactions which require identification. Foreign nationals living in Ghana who do not have the Non-citizen Ghanacard shall not receive services from the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS). The Non Citizen Card is, however, not a Residence Permit or an Alien Registration Certificate.

The Non Citizen Card issued to an applicant(foreigner) shall be used for the following transactions where identification is required:</>

– application for and issuance of a driver’s license;

– opening of individual or personal bank accounts;

– purchase of insurance policies;

– purchase, transfer and registration of land by an individual or a connected transaction subject to the provisions of other enactments;

– transactions pertaining to individuals in respect of pensions;

– transactions specified under the National Health Insurance Scheme; (Ghanaians only) – transactions that have social security implications;

– consumer credit transactions; j) registration of voters; (Ghanaians only) for payment of taxes; – registration of SIM cards;

– applications for public or Government services, facilities, approvals, permissions, or benefits; and – any other transaction which the

-Authority may determine and publish in the Gazette.

– Any organization that offers any of the services in respect of transactions listed under sub-regulation.

Any foreigner who meets the eligibility criteria needs to register;

  • A foreign national permanently resident in the country
  • A foreign national who is cumulatively resident in the country for at least ninety (90) days in any calendar year
  • All foreigners six years and above

The following foreign nationals are exempted;

  • a diplomat
  • employees of the United Nations or an agency of the United Nations
  • the spouse or dependent of persons specified above


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